United by tradition

Even if we look like youngsters, we carry on our shoulders 100 years of cider history. In that time, we’ve learnt to fall and to get back up stronger. We’ve learnt to value what’s important, to fight for our objectives and to risk it when we have a dream. What dream? To give a choice to all those who are looking for a different and refreshing drink with all the flavour and the essence of cider. The dream of flavoured ciders begins in the countryside, because it’s in the ground where what we are grows.


We care for the ground and the environment, and that’s why we are working to turn the cultivation of our apple trees into a new ecological model. We have some first-rate assistants: the local wildlife, which is our new animal family. They help us in freedom to keep the ground in its best state and so that the apples can emerge and grow in the best conditions, being respectful to the environment.

A new way to enjoy cider

THE GOOD CIDER OF SAN SEBASTIAN is the perfect result of combining our classic cider with the most delicious fruit juices, resulting in a soft and refreshing drink. A new concept of cider to be drunk at any time. Its low alcohol content makes it the perfect beverage, suitable to go with any meal.

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